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PC Dell
Serving New York City & Long Island.
Dell Laptos

Sales & Service

We Service and Sell high quality Digital Office Machines
Dell 8200

Dimension Dell 8200
Latest and greatest Pentium 4 processor (up to 2.2GHz)
Power for small businesses needs
Multitasking & advanced productivity.
Intel Pentium 4 technology
Built-in ATA 100 hard drive interface for fast data transfer
Four USB ports give you instant flexibility, future expandability
2 front USB ports, headphone jack / provides / desktop cable
Dell 4400

Dimension Dell 4400
The latest Intel Pentium 4 processor
DDR SDRAM, up to 2.0GHz
Superior Performance & Quality
Intel 845-D chipset / power / speed
128 MB up to 512MB DDR SDRAM
20GB1 to 120GB hard drives with 8MB Data Burst Cache
Provide storage & expandability options.
Dell 4300S

Dimension Dell 4300S
The latest Intel Pentium 4 processor
SDRAM, up to 1.8GHz.
Performance & Smart Value
128MB to 512MB SDRAM at 133MHz for lightning speed.
Advanced 4X AGP graphics
2 USB ports located in front /connection with digital cameras
Ultra ATA EIDE Hard drives to meet your storage needs
Dell 2100
Dimension 2100
With updated looks / the same great service / support
Dimension 2100 a wonderful value for business
Affordable Desktop Solution
Intel's Celeron processors up to 1.1GHz
Office XP Professional
Basic, affordable desktop
Proven technology.
Dell 100D
Dell Pre-Built 100D
Economically Pre-Built
Intel Celeron processor at 1.0GHz
128 MB shared SDRAM memory1
20GB2 hard drive
Provides plenty of internal storage.
Low-cost pre-built
Optimally configured desktop

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